Songs & Art as an Offering to Mother Earth
A Sanctuary for the Heart
A Celebration of Humanity


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The Purpose is to help raise the vibration and awareness on our beautiful planet Earth, through music, art and story telling, by creating a portal of arts and music.

We help to raise the vibration as we unite the voices through songs & art to Earth, in balance and harmony, understanding we are not separate from each other or the natural world, realising the need to create a living that serves and respects all life, inspiring in humanity unity and love between the people of all regions and all spiritual traditions.


Music Portal ~ Listen to the Music

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Give yourself the time to Listen, information is carried in the sound & light waves.


The Vision is to gather music and art for the platform to help raise consciousness.

The second phase of the project, is to help gather resources, to support movements, that protect the remaining natural virgin spaces of Earth and the indigenous peoples who are still living in connection with nature and the original teachings, and who are the wisdom keepers of the ancient knowledge.

To promote live events, and concerts, to give a voice to these projects and to Mother Earth.

The music & art portal serves to uplift the general state of being with inspirational music and messages promoting the growth of awareness, understanding and cooperation, so we can welcome higher consciousness: the path of finding balance, the empowerment within Love and Truth, our path to Wisdom.

 Music for the Earth, for the Heart

“Music is all around, all we have to do is listen.”

When we stop and listen to the autochthonous music that is born in each area, we may hear the soul of its people, the beauty of its profound wisdom and love, and the cosmology of who they are. It is time to open our hearts to listen to each others songs and rhythms, for in the end we are all singing one song of life and love, the Song of Creation, the song of the Earth. WE are all The Voice of Gaia. We are all Her children. The insects and the mammals on the earth, the birds in the sky, the whales and ocean creatures in the vast ocean, the wind, the majestic trees, all the elements together praise and sing the song of creation that is born from the heart and that wants to join and awaken the heart of humanity. Awakening to the light of the sun within.

We promote the understanding that our common heritage is through the beautiful language of natural sounds, the music of Mother Nature, the indigenous music belonging to each region, and that our own unique voices and individual heritages all add to the beauty. We promote the honouring of each other, and the treasuring of the wisdom and perspective of life from all backgrounds and sacred traditions that hold Spirit as humanity´s binding force.

Music being born of the Heart, transcends all boundaries and is gifted as a rare jewel that is born within. Music and sound can unite us all.

Holding music as the main theme for joining together is paramount as it is the only language that is universal, together with Love. Music is loved and understood by all. We can all feel the healing power of music.

All sound produces light (frequency that manifests as colour) and, at times, patterns (in the shape of sacred geometry), that act as creative symbols. Music tells a story on its own, the story of all peoples and cultures, the heritage of its traditions is within its sounds, this is why when uniting music with art, together with poems and storytelling, it is so powerful. The perfect portal to Love.

All is Sound. All is Frequency.

“Consciousness is the most refined reverberation.” Sadhguru

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The Music Portal

The platform serves to uplift the global state of being with inspirational music and messages promoting the growth of awareness, understanding and cooperation, so we can welcome higher consciousness, attuning ourselves to new sounds.

The Voice of Gaia aims, initially, to create a virtual platform providing songs of reverence for Earth, of honouring our ancestors, of recognition, of uniqueness, of integration, of co-creation, of Unity, of Love.

The platform is already contacting many artists throughout the world: artists who are already acting as a voice for Mother Earth around the planet, singing earth and heart songs, or bringing music that lifts the soul and generates consciousness. We are inviting artists, whose art is in Resonance, to altruistically donate one musical or art piece as an offering, while allowing us to stream some of their previous work. In order to create a shift we believe it is essential to inspire each other, globally, to give from the space of the Heart, unconditionally. Opening ourselves to Trust, joining in intention, planting a seed and weaving, together, a medicine blanket for us all through music and art so that we can create the assurance of a new humanity and a renewed Earth.

The platform is a space where we can listen to music inspiring a quickening of our individual vibration, therefore helping to raise the vibration of the whole. We are reminding ourselves, through music, what is essential: a remembrance of where we come from, where we are going, who we are, and what we want to hold for present and future generations as a common goal.

Through uniting our voices, by inspiring love and harmony, we find a revival, a sanctuary for the senses, a coming home to ourselves. Coming back to the truth within.

The music portal inspires acceptance of our unique heritages, with a message of understanding their value and their richness, rather than focusing on their differences, and our opening to relate to each other from gratefulness.

The Voice of Gaia is a space that we are all creating in the form of a beautiful vibrational crystal that holds our vision. In this, we are informed by Dr. Masaru Emoto and his pioneering work on the principle of resonance and the powerful element of water, which gifts us the ability to learn about our emotions and shows us the power of our intention.

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The Art Portal

(Coming Soon)


Visionary and Sacred Art help us transcend our ordinary state of consciousness. These paintings act as a conduit or language for higher consciousness, helping us to see a broader picture that transcends our ordinary reality.

It is the Eagle Sight view, the vision of the whole, that sees beyond the appearances and finds a higher meaning in all things.

This art touches beyond the superficial and speaks to the soul of the perceiver. It connects to the hidden parts within us, touching and bringing forth the most beauty, and the colours from the spirit world. The art, is usually highly colourful, bringing forth a spectrum of light and colour with great resonance, as they attune our beingness to the colours of the dimensions beyond the physical.

In the process of creating the painting the artist frees him/her self and allows the art to unfold. In this act the paintings reach deeper, broader meanings often carrying healing properties or medicine. During the production of this art the artist is touched and changed by the painting.

These paintings have the power to transmit this energy as the artist would have received the painting in an expanded awareness.

Sometimes this journey takes months or even years, and the painting becomes a catalyst to help the painter evolve and mature his or her consciousness. It is a miraculous process, where consciousness is leading the process far beyond the artists’ ordinary reality. This deeper experience is then transferred to all who view the painting and experience its layers of expression, feeling, healing and, transformation.

Visionary and sacred paintings act many times like an archetypal image as they work with that part of us that doesn’t need words to communicate. The understanding of this language is itself an art, once it is awakened we begin to ‘Remember’.

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The Oral Traditions Portal

(Coming Soon)

Myth and Storytelling act as guardians of our collective memories and essence as human beings. All of them are poetic in a beautiful way. They are the fruits and flowers bringing the fragrance of the garden within. This language is not direct or logical. It awakens an ancient connection, the essence of who we are.

Archetypes, symbols, and poetry together with myth and stories, speak in ways that common speech cannot. They belong to the language of the feminine. Their language is layered and it is revelatory according to the consciousness of the one who listens. All of them are the language of the soul.

Stories come for a reason, and, often bring a sense of belonging when we listen to them. There is no way to prepare for a story, or to avoid its powerful effects. A story will arrive at the exact moment, uninvited, but tailored to perfection.

Myth and storytelling plant the seeds within. They are written in a language woven with the imaginary that will unfurl and bloom when we are ready. A lighthouse in the storm, reminding us that everything in our path has a higher meaning and a purpose.

Holding different layers of consciousness, stories allow us to reach deeper meanings. They have the power to crack through the layers of frozen clutter and stir the dormant heart, awakening the intuition.

For all these reasons and more, The Voice of Gaia will be introducing Myth and Storytelling to our platform in the near future

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“We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.”