The Artists

‘Sharing the Heart Song’

*The Voice of Gaia is a ‘movement’ and all the artists on this website have been contacted by a representative and have accepted the vision of the ‘movement’. All of the artists have an understanding of the values ​​behind the vision and that the implications of holding this vision go far beyond this website as they touch Mother Earth and humanity. All ‘Artists’ have given us permission to broadcast their music, art, photos or videos and understand that if for any reason they no longer wish to contribute to The Voice of Gaia, they must notify us and we will remove their work, at their discretion, in whole or in part, from the website and, by any other means, as quickly as possible. The ‘Artist’ understands that the song will be played and the art will be displayed from an online musical art streaming platform and this includes, but is not limited to, websites, YouTube clips, podcasts, streaming video, applications and other media that may not be currently known, or specified. The ‘art’ will be displayed to people of all nationalities. Copyright laws provide creators with certain non-economic rights, content rights, known as moral rights. They are the right of attribution of authorship of one’s own work (the right to be named in relation to one’s own work), the right against false attribution of authorship, and the right to integrity of authorship (the right to oppose the treatment of the work itself that has a detrimental effect on the author’s reputation). As such, the ‘Artist’ declares that the works are his property, including the music, the lyrics, the arrangements and the production, including, therefore, not only the musical work but also the phonographic production and / or audiovisual.