Our Current Team of Volunteers

Throughout the entire development phase we have been focused on keeping the vision alive and true. With a lot of love, care and dedication our small team of volunteers has been working for many months to prepare this website.

We are ready now to open to share our vision through online and physical events. We welcome people whose expertise may help us manifest these events in the most beautiful way, we welcome those who feel they have something to offer to connect with us. We also welcome benefactors who align with the purpose and vision and wish to help, serve and inspire humanity in this way. We stand at the threshold of an incredible shift in the way we conceive life and our existence on Earth, we welcome all the ones who feel aligned with a loving path for Humanity and who would like to play a more active role in this shift.

Everyone’s contribution is already so heartfelt we trust that when you see how it is presented you will be as excited as we are.

Vicki E O’Leary

Meeting Amrita is one of the greatest joys in my life and joining her on the journey with The Voice of Gaia has been a natural projection of both of our consciousnesses.

This project is truly inspiring and as my work has led me around the world to share in consciousness and evolving humanity I am deeply connected with it on many levels.

As an author, channel, speaker and inventor my passion is always about assisting humanity in evolving to be ever greater and more connected than ever before with each other, the planet and all of life.

For the previous 10 years I have been engaged in my own business teaching children meditation, breathwork and focus, in schools in Australia and USA. Clear Minded For Life™ is a magical organisation and much of what I have learnt here is now being shared with The Voice of Gaia in its opening phases.I see this project in its totality and feel the deep resonance it creates within, inspiring us to engage with our own creativity and freedom of expression and abundance as we connect with all.

Lana Lanaia

My inspiration flows from my deep love for the Earth; of wild landscapes, forests, mountains, rivers, oceans, sacred sites, and the stars. I live in the Scottish Highlands, and am a musician and sound healer, with a lifelong passion for art, sacred spaces & ancient traditions. I tend the earth, facilitate courses and retreats, and am passionate about re-awakening the ancient~living~wisdom within our hearts and lands; weaving remembrance that we are all children of the Earth.

It is a joy and pure blessing to be here and contribute within the Voice of Gaia team.

Petter Mollerstrom

My name is Petter, I am currently living in Stockholm, Sweden, and I work here as a backend engineer, and occasionally dab my toes into more frontend-centric tasks. Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by computers and creating software, so I made it into my career! 

I am also what I would describe as a seeker, and like to explore our inner worlds. This project was a chance to combine my two interests, as music can stir things within us, and provide healing and open us up to new experiences. I wanted to be part of this movement to share these gifts with the world!

Pawel Goralczyk

Hello, I’m Pawel originally from Poland but I live in Sweden since the 90´s. I’m one of the developers (Backend focus) in Voice Of Gaia and problem solving is my passion.

Music has always played a huge part of my life and since my Grandfather introduced me into Polish ballads in the 80´s i have always been exploring new sounds and genres of music and my musical journey has involved everything from Classical music to Techno, Hardcore and in the later years to Chillgressive but has finally led my path to Voice Of Gaia after getting to know Amrita and she introduced me into Heart music, a music experience on a very deep level that will change you once you let it heal you. This project called me and here I am together with a great Team helping it reach out to you and the World.

Dag Drempetic-Conkic

My name is Dag and I was born in Croatia, but all my life I have been feeling as part of this whole world, wishing to explore and get to know its diverse cultures, wanting to connect with people from all kinds of backgrounds.

This is what led me to study languages and to get a university degree in English and Spanish, followed by translation work for television and film festivals, translating stories and cultural heritage from those languages to my native Croatian.

At the same time, following a deep desire to know on the deepest level who I am and what this existence is all about, I have been exploring and practicing meditation and various other techniques that have to do with awareness. This led me to Amrita and through her to the Voice of Gaia project, which ignited a spark inside my being the very first time I heard about it.

I feel this is the most worthwhile idea and the most worthwhile project I have ever come across: to share our unique heritage with each other around the world through music and art, helping us to connect to the beauty and the story of each of our local backgrounds, thus creating true understanding and appreciation among people on this planet, helping us all to rise in awareness and a sense of unity.

Gabriel Sideris

I’m Gabriel Sideris from Caracas – Venezuela, a student of Illustration and 3D Moddeling, I’m travelling the world right now, finding my very and truly purpose in life, what my Father God wants for me and what I want to do in life.

That is why I am working with The Voice of Gaia, this project has a very clear direction of what it’s needed to work as a family, sharing our heritage through music that leads the frequency, to help us to understand the visions. Sharing visions together with illustrations, paintings and animations to reach that feeling of one united humanity.

Teresa Golden

Teresa has been, and still is, an invaluable supporter and collaborator to The Voice of Gaia. We would love to express our gratitude to her for her wisdom and loving presence. In her own words:

Growing up, I loved the cold waters of the North Sea where the seals came to breed. Moving to an island city, surrounded by the salt waters of the English Channel at high tide, I taught literature, practised yoga and was committed to chanting, in Sanskrit, each day.

Leaving for Southern England, I came to know the muddy paths,the water meadows and the hollow oaks on the banks of the river. In the summer, I was greeted by the solitary otter, the grass snake swimming in the shallows and the blue flash of the kingfisher.

I have a deep gratitude for silence at twilight, and the stillness of dark waters. Born with the umbilical cord around my neck, it was a cosmic joke that I was trying to end things before they had started. I am happy, now, for this precious opportunity to let go of the story before I die. Bearing the unbearable, my mantra became ‘stay’.

Releasing blame, projection and judgement is a sweet relief. I come to realise that life with its laughter and tears is a holy offering, a gift beyond measure. I discovered the delights of sauna and ice-baths in Sweden, at Amrita’s lakeside home, where she gladdened my heart by introducing me to an inspiring invitation, The Voice of Gaia. Beloved planet Earth is spinning on Her axis. Gaia is evolving. I feel Her vibrational frequency rising and rejoice. I marvel at all the wonderful, simple, priceless ways The Voice of Gaia encourages, with integrity, an unfolding of abundant uplifment, and celebrates the tender, fathomless well of loving and being loved.

Arantza Torres

Arantza has worked in the world of audiovisuals, mainly in fiction. But lately she has been called to work in documentaries about nature. She feels the importance of projects like this one that creates awareness and promotes the protection of the natural environment. She has been a beam of light in this project with her outstanding willingness to serve in any way she can.

Special Thanks to:

Paulo Zamarotti- Yah Zoyd (for making me ‘Remember’ music. Missing you my friend), Thoor Eriksson, Jose Marcos Imar, Javier Martin Marcos, Franco de Nicola, Mili Lazcano, Eva Ariela Lindberg, Ria Rice-Lawson. Thank you to my family and friends all around the world, for their amazing support believing in the vision and for helping us in any way they can, offering their professional knowledge, finantial help, sharing their connections, and many times just by being there.

Also to the ones who have come and have not stayed, as their contribution in one way or another has stayed with us.

To all the wisdom keepers for keeping the flame alive. To the invisible ones. To all of our families and close relations, in this project, and globaly, for supporting us in any way they can, while we are working to manifest this vision, and all the beautiful visions that are manifesting in the world at this moment, for their patience and for giving us the encouragment and space to create this.

OUR SPECIAL SUPPORTERS, ONE TIME VOLUNTEERS & PROFESSIONALS Although some amazing volunteers are not working with us on a permanent basis, we would like to make a special mention to them and dedicate a special note to them, expressing our gratefulness, as their contributions have helped this happen.

Thoor Eriksson

Thoor Eriksson is passionate about what brings health, vitality and loving awareness into the world. Since early age he was forward in his thinking and it showed, he went from becoming a judo champion at age 20 to starting his first company giving and teaching massage at 23. A few years later it developed into a school for body work and more than 13000 students joined his courses and gatherings. After 20 years in the area of education he travelled the world for almost 10 years and then settle down in Sweden. Thoor has more than 20 years of Shamanic studies and exploration of the inner reality and how it effects us here in this life. This is still a profound part of his life and he travels to different places holding shamanic gatherings. One of his next step is to start up an Holistic Eco house production to provide houses that boost your health on many levels. Another important step will also be to start a non profit organisation boosting the protection of natural habitats, rebuilding forests and initiating communities that supports a sustainable future for us all.

Thoor holds a vision to support people to thrive on this planet, to protect nature and all living beings to live a sacred life here on Mother Earth. He connected to the vision of The Voice of Gaia through his partner Amrita Magdala. This project speaks to his heart and he can clearly see how much beauty it can bring to so many people. In all his shamanic gatherings the music is selected by Amrita and every participant is deeply touched by this sacred music who speaks to the heart and soul. To unite artists, musicians, painters to come together in a sacred platform to share their gifts is an amazing move and will bring tremendous gifts to each one. In these times of despair, and lack of spiritual connection, indeed The Voice of Gaia will have a role to play.

Carl Larsson

I am (Carl or Calle) a humble but sometimes self absorbed life generalist who feel profoundly connected with The Voice of Gaia music and vision. 

I am passioned about music and the human experience and have grown a strong relationship with this project through ceremony. 

I’m sort of a “Jack of all trades, master of none”. So far I see my role being very intuitive and initially within project management and communication, a sort of translator for the earth, through the heart towards the open mainstream mind. 

I have never been involved in anything nearly this scalable and big before, but I have founded and managed a few of my own projects and know that going through the process of manifesting authentic ideas into the material world can feel tough at times.

Im personally not a big fan of the saying “trust the process” as it is often hijacked by non-creators into meaning “do nothing and things will happen on its own”. 

I have a history of actively pushing things into manifestation but are trying to learn the art of knowing when to push and when to just let go. 


Besides working as an airline captain and various other jobs my work experience also includes co-founding the following peojects:


Nathalie Velez Porchez

Nathalie is one of the inspirations in the manifestation of this project, she and many like her, all the Earth Guardians, that live in connection to the forest, who keep bringing awareness about the importance to care for Nature. She arrived at the jungle to Nuquí, Choco, in Colombia, almost 30 yrs ago, where she stayed and lived together with the indigenous people of the area, remembering a way of living forgotten to many of us. She is been living since then, in connection with nature, inspiring people to protect the forests and help preserve the heritage from the indigenous peoples around the world. She has been an inspiration for manifesting this project, in the hope to help create, with the help of many, the awareness to protect nature and enough consciousness to raise our vibrations to be able to live in harmony within the different communities and cultures of planet Earth.

Our on-going gratefulness to all the ones, like her, who dare to enter, “naked (with nothing but their hearts)”, into her forest and start the journey back to themselves, back to Her, this Mother sustaining us all around us. We are not on it. We are in it. We are Her.

In Nathalie´s own words: ”I feel that after hearing the invitation call from this fantastic territory in the jungle on the shore of the Pacific … almost 30 years ago … a space in the middle of nowhere … at the center of everything … that gave me everything, all happened so that I could wake up from my programmed lethargy .. and I could remember the connection with nature ..

The journey to the heart of the earth cannot be done without going through our heart first.
Now the Earth wants to speak .. it wants to sing ..
and we are already prepared to listen to it and together Co create the new Earth
What better than this channel, The Voice of gaia, to listen to it ..”

Bhakto M Tsuji

Bhakto has been living in Bali for many years, working in many different areas, including permaculture and agriculture. He is an amazing graphic designer, web designer, and an amazing painter and artist, as you will see in some of the art displayed in our musicbox.

He has supported the project fully since he heard about the vision, offering himself as a volunteer, to help in any way he can. He has been waiting for a project like this he says, for many years, so he keeps encouraging us in any way he can. He wants to support in designing the second phase.

Our Team of Professionals

Nerina Canzi

Nerina is the author of the beautiful invitation video. We are grateful to her for creating such magic and for her intuitive wisdom through animation, both medicine and nectar for the heart.

Nerina Canzi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1958.

She graduated in 1980 as a teacher of drawing and painting at the National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón.

During 17 years she lived in Italy and Spain painting murals and everything related to the decorative and artistic painting. In 2014 she began working in the illustration.

Currently she is living in Argentina.

She received the NATIONAL AND LATIN AMERICAN PRIZE Children’s and Youth Literature “La Hormiguita viajera” Edition 2015 (Category illustration).

“Every story leads me to a different territory. The words suggest me colors, images, unexpected atmospheres…”

Olivier Martinet

I am Olivier, I was born in France and I have lived a great part of my life in Mexico. I have a real passion for web design, I have helped to the final part of the Voice Of Gaia’s website. It has been a real pleasure to work with the team trying to meet their expectation. 

I have an ecological state of mind and I try as much as possible to build an eco-friendly website. It is possible to reduce the impact of the web industry on the environment and I want to be part of it.

Our Founder

Amrita Magdala (Ana L Zumel)

Amrita is a natural mystic and artist (poetry, art and music), and her task is to serve as the founder and beating heart behind the project – The Voice of Gaia. She holds in her being a deep love, that keeps unfolding, for Nature, all traditions and humanity.

Amrita considers herself to be in service of Life, of Love, of the Divine. She could describe this as being a bridge, a translator or a messenger of the Divine, a translator between the spiritual and the physical world. She enjoys being an alchemist weaving songs and threads in the play of consciousness. Her deep understanding of the nature of reality and the interconnectedness of all things, and her deep intuitive understanding of how sound works, has made her a unique voice when it comes to expressing the relationship of the seen and the unseen.

For the last two decades she opened to learn from the wild, in her journeys throughout the world, she immersed herself, into the solitude of the natural spaces. Awakening not only her authentic voice but the voice of the world. Giving her a full remembrance of what the Earth and life is trying to communicate to us, and a unique and profound understanding of sound as a healing tool.

In her experience she has found that there is no deeper teacher than nature, meaning nature outside as a mirror and our own nature within.

In her gatherings she has chosen music as a vessel to guide people to their heart to Remember what really matters and our essence. She loves designing journeys into the heart of this world through music. She considers music one of the fastest ways to Remembrance, an even more powerful vehicle if it is used together with visionary paintings and storytelling. Remembrance happens when you are in full alignment with who you are and your mission in this world, this always brings peace within. We as humanity all have the same mission, our Remembrance of True Love. Humanity may manifest peace on Earth and each human may live in peace when it has been found within.

The Voice of Gaia came to her in a vision in 2012. “In this moment more than ever, we need a Sanctuary for the senses to rest within. That Sanctuary is Nature, may this space be a sanctuary, in her honour, as well.”

“May we Remember Earth as Paradise”

”The World is Sound. All you have to do is Listen”.

”We Are the Ones We’ve been Waiting for”.